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Total Weakness in muscle testing drove me to explore

The ideal state of a muscle test

An ideal state of a muscle test in Kinesiology is when – after you have brought that limb in the required starting position – you push lightly on that limb as tough you wanted to move the muscle from contraction into extension. In that movement you find resistence. And when you perform a spindlecell technique you find the muscle unlocking and locking again.

Can you imagine you learning a technique and when you think you’ve got it …

you find you did not get the right spark. Well I had this problem with learning muscle testing. I remember the first time, I was so glad to have experienced muscle testing. In such a way, that when I got home I wanted to show the World what I had learned. How bitter it was to find that I could not reproduce the ideal state of a muscle test.

Total weakness – In fact what I found was that the ones I tested I only found “Weakness”. “Total Weakness” in matter of fact. It drove me crazy. It startled me to want to learn more. So I went the whole gamma of workshops as it was presented to me at that time. And I stopped when gathering this type of information as soon as I realized “I must trust what I sense happening.”

With that in my mind I was getting confident in my testing more and more. Recently I again stumbled upon that “Total Weakness” experience. I can now work towards the “Total Weakness” experience and do something about it. This shows how much confident I have become don’t you think. But more on that later.

“Total Weakness” experience

The strangest thing about muscle testing is that you can muscle test and test a muscle to be “weak”, when you ask the person to do her daily job you find “All is OK.” This also is the case with the “Total Weakness” experience with muscle testing. The person shows no problem after lifting her butt of the table.

Survival mode – My explanation for this “Total Weakness” experience is that the person has gone in survival mode. Survival mode is the state in which the person is acting on autopilot.. A state where the person is doing the things, acting the way the Other-then-Conscious is trained to act. This is not bad, this is not good, this is a state of No Choice. And we want to have choice, don’t we!

Working towards Choice

As I said, this is a state I work towards. I do this with the sole purpose to give the Conscious a chance to stay in the Present by Choice. The intervention is done by reading the infromation the Other-then-Conscious presents and tell the story. And I know I have “read” te information when “Total Weakness” disappears and the muscle tests as though nothing has happend. Yet we know! And the person has lost her trigger to go into that state again … when done properly.

Now, looking back at  my first muscle test experiences I think you can follow my reasoning that the former people in the World I tested – when I returned home – were all in survival mode. And so was I, because when I got my introduction my arms to went down too!

Now I have given you my explanation and I am sure you can understand that it truly believe that “Specialized Kinesiology is the best thing that happend to me!” I thrive to make it happen for my clients as well!

Applied / Specialized Kinesiology

Huib Salomons,
Practitioner Specialized Kinesiology

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