Total weakness experience | what to do?

Total weakness! What to do?!

As you know I love kinesiology. Recently I had a testperson coming into my office and after a “what’s up” talk I invited the testperson to lay down on the table. So he could relax more easy.

The what’s up talk – The “what’s up” talk has the function of pre-releasing any stress the testpersons had before s/he came to my office. S/he talks about what has happenend and what is on her/his mind. Along with this talk I use my intuition to write down some words or pictures that might become interesting to test on the white board.

Testing arms, legs and feet

So when the testperson is lying to relax, I start testing muscle testing arms, legs and feet. Ergo the muscles related to these movements. And in doing so over time I have experienced different qualities: all is “strong”, left is “strong” and right is “weak” and vice versa. And sometimes crossing over. Most often I experience arms “strong” and legs “weak”.

In the case of the latter. You might ask “where to start next?”. Well, I came up with the statement “what first is to be focussed on!?”. And then agian I test arms, legs and feet. I experienced that the “strong/weak” displays now changes in all or “strong” or “weak”. And from there I continue my work.

I might take something s/he talked about, something I wrote on the white board and emotional stress release that. Or I simple – as I always do – listen to the body.

Emotional Stress Release – ESR is figuring out what the body expresses, what emotions are playing, what is related and then holding or tapping points like in Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) or massaging the calves, Achilles tendon and or feet. And always retest, to observe the difference it made.  To complete the TOTE (Test-Operate-Test-Exit) routine.

Total Weakness or Universal Weakness

But this time I felt “total weakness” or “universal weakness”. In the past – as you can read elsewhere on this blogsite – this was the reason for my quest into kinesiology, but now I am calm and relaxed and started to figure out what the problem was. When the muscle test was functioning normally and the muscle tests now shows “total weakness”, this indicates this state is subconsciously driven rather then functionally. At such a moment you just change from indication. (Start from “weak and test for “strong”)
I started with a positive “water” test and let the testperson drink some water. For me water indicates “information”. And so I tested all possibilities that came up in my mind (something along the line of body, mind, spirit) and worked with the one that held the information.

Read the information the body offers

This time the subconscious wanted me to “read” the information that was presented as “hot”-spots that I was to touch or massage. And here comes the beauty I found that the “hand on the base of the skull” (cerebellum and brainstem) for this testperson was an indication for “need for becoming aware of the situation”, of integration and understanding the information the subconscious wanted the testperson to become aware of. I came to this conclusion because of a statement of the testperson “I want to understand the process” and the observation that it happened three time during this session.

I know I have done enough for this session or subject when the subconscious signals me I have done enough. This of coarse is a agreement with my subconscious. And so it is in this moment as I have nothing more to tell for now.

Huib Salomons
Practitioner Specialized Kinesiology


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