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Time Correction in Kinesiology and more

“This session will cost you One Million Dollar!”

Provoke a shock-state. Being trained in Three in One Concepts [Three in Once Concepts, Centering System] you should be able to understand that one of the factors that keeps a stressor dormant/present is the factor Time. In Three in Concepts the method for checking the presence of this hang-up is to declare the “Million Dollar”-statement: state “This session will cost you One Million Dollar!”  and muscle test. When the brain accepts this as being the case, the muscle test  will go “weak”. You now have an indication of the presence of Time as a factor that keeps on bringing back the same issue over and over again.

This “Million Dollar”-statement in fact is a statement to provoke a shock-state. When you have made the correction and all seems clear, declare this simple statement or do something else that will induce a shock-state. It enables you to test whether the correction holds. Even  through bad weather.

Timeline correction. Until recent I reasoned that Time (in grosso: Timeline [Tad James, Timeline] ) was the only factor that could bring up memories that could raise the same issues over and over again. This worked fine as I divided the Timeline in Past, Present, Future, All the time and Unconscious. Performing the same corrections as in the Present Time. This worked just fine for the testperson and I.

Insights grow, and as this is happening the field of possiblities grows. Than what are these new insights, you might ask. Well, my life’s field of interest is Mindfulness [Shinzen Young, Mindfulness]. And Mindfulness means that you stay in the Moment.

What is it about the Moment?

Time is born in the moment. From here you identify the Future and the Past (and anything else that is time related). In the Moment – the Now – not only Time is born, but also Space. This is called the Time-Space vector. And yet two other vectors are born Criteria-Scope and Meaning-Result [Michael Hall, Matrix] (And maybe more, but this is as far as I go for now).

Timeline-correction extended. So from this point of view you can see that new planes are being formed and with that the possibility to go even deeper with the corrections. Up to now the testperson was “clear” when there was no indicator change on the Timeline. With this Matrix approach corrections are made (same as in the present time) on all planes and in all directions (vectors).

There is no going back! You now have to consider – muscle test – all of these possibilities, whether you like it or not. You will not “clear” the issue when you have not corrected the issue in these directions and planes.

And it all comes down to initiating of the shock-state: “This session will cost you One Million Dollar!”.

Huib Salomons
Practitioner Specialized Kinesiology, Apeldoorn The Netherlands

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