Thyroid problems | what to do

Thyroid problems can ruin your day

Sometimes you hear something and that something keeps on returning in your mind. It is like that tune you have in your mind when you stand up and you hear it all day through. That is when I heard about the thyroid and the notification of underestimated silent problems that come along.

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“Thyroid problems can ruin your day” is putting it mildly. Thyroid problems ruin your life, period. If not treated or balanced in time, finish your life before it even started. They say testing for an unbalanced Thyroid is clinically difficult to prove. It is not easy to monitor thyroid function on a blood test because the thyroid dumps its hormones into the lymph.(1) Yet circumstantial evidence can indicate indirectly there might be a problem: unexplained weight problems, flushes, muscle and joint pains, hair/skin changes, menstrual irregularities, bowel problems, fatique, depression and anxiety. (2)

In my research for the Thyroid I read many articles on the internet. I keep an open mind in my muscle testing procedure. And as such I found  Thyroid problems to be a basic health problem and should be addressed every time.

Reflex point for the Thyroid

From the point of view of Specialized Kinesiology my goal is to balance the organ. And as such I look to find indicators that help me signal the state of an organ and measure the impact this balancing act has on the whole of the person.

Iodine and the Thyroid Dr. Tom Roselle and Sue Roselle, MS, CNS discuss the complicated relationship between iodine and the thyroid. About Roselle Radio: A natural health and wellness care education broadcast providing information on Chiropractic, Ac…(A must listen 42 minutes)

Riddler point for Iodine. As I started to be observant for signals and  I came to understanding that the Manubrium area of the sternum is the Reflex Point for an Unbalanced Thyroid. Further reading shows that this is a well known Riddler point for Iodine (3). In this line of research I also found Iodine light to be a good resource for rebalancing. (A wavelength between 541.2 and 588.5 nm. (4))

Using muscle testing I frequently notice problems with the TMJ, tongue. For now, I tend to categorize this as people with hyperactive thyroid. Where as those with problems with shoulder, neck, renal area, buttock, legs I find a tendency for hypoactive thyroid. Yet rarely I find a clear correction method other then holding/massaging the points and places I name later on in this article. I do not find this disturbing because everyone is build differently: genetic and circumstantial / ennvironmental.

I  just finished a preliminary kinesiology test with Schüssler salts on this reflex point. The first indication was Natrium Phosphoricum.  It is stated “Natrium phosphoricum is the remedy for conditions arising from excess of lactic acid, often resulting from too much sugar.” (5)  (I wonder if this is an indication for dysglucosis)

Rebalancing the Thyroid. In Rebalancing the Thyroid I frequently find the Triggerpoints of the Teres Minor helpful. (6) As are massaging the calves and the inner curve below the ball of the foot. (7) With respect to the latter their may be connection with the  spine, in particular C7-T1. (8) Massaging the calves. And of course not to forget to let the Iodine (blue) light shine over the whole sternum area.  (I muscle test to see what is appropriate and required)

For self help you might want to research thyroid-acupressure-points-for-self-healing. (9)

Thyroid Acupressure Points for Self-Healing Learn how to use a pair of Acupressure points for thyroid problems, from acupressure author Michael Reed Gach, Ph.D. A thyroid imbalance can cause weight problems, chronic fatigue, overwhelm, anxiety, emotional imbalances, hair loss, skin problems, d…

It is important to understand that there is a deep relationship between all glands (hypophyse, thyroid, adrenals, spleen, pancreas, gallbladder, gonades) and to be observant for the signals. So you can act in time as not to deplete any of these glands.

As a practitioner of Specialized Kinesiology my aim is to Rebalance the Thyroid (or any other organ/gland) and as I work I learn to discern the main techniques that will make it possible to make the best of my job.  In my work I use energy and emotional work to give my contribution to the health of my clients.

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Huib Salomons
Practitioner Specialized Kinesiology

8 )

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