Pauselock | Anchoring

Pauselock and Anchoring

Pauselock (Retentionmode) equal to Anchoring of a State (NLP)

With kinesiology testing we sometimes use Pauselock of Retentiemode.
I think there is a resemblance to an NLP-method: Anchoring of a state.

A State — A “State” is an intense mental-emotional experience we inprint and successively can re-experience whenever we want.

Example: Think of a familiar tune. Yes, that tune. Do you remember when and where you used to hear that tune? What impressions do yoy relive? Who were you with? What did you smell? What did you see? … that tune is your anchor, your entrance for reliving that one specific experience.

Anchoring — Anchoring is the act of placing an anchor, obviously. Activating this anchor automatically revivevied those specifice memories. In previous example you heard that tune. Wait there is more! You can make various anchors using different modalities (hear, see, smell, taste, think, feel, move).

Pauselock (retentiemode) — With applied/specialized kinesiology we use this method called Pauselock or Retentiemode. With this method we anchor “energy” using the muscle test.

Example: Starting with a “strong” muscle test, you ask, “Think of that time that you …”. And test. (Test-Operate-Test-Exit)
When the testperson revivefied the related anchor the limb (arm/leg) you will find the previously “strong” test, will now test “weak” (this is an indicator change).

The preliminary explanation for this phenomenon is that the thought-feeling impuls is big enough to produce an indicator change.

Kneeze — An “kneeze” – I learned from Michael Breen – is the anchoring of a thought-feeling by touching a knee. A go0d anchor produces an automatic reliving of that thought-feeling with that person.

Anchoring is Pauselock — The pauselock (retentiemode) is only active when you have anchored that thought-feeling appropriately. A muscle test is an anchor, but for further use you need to perform a “kneeze”, i.e. touching a spot on the body: the shoulder, the knee. To revivefy you touch the shoulder. This should produce an indicator change.

This is when you presume Anchoring equals the Pauselock.

Huib Salomons, Practitioner Specialized Kinesiology


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