Noticeable variation in muscle testing

Muscle testing, not always straight forward

When the client laid herself on the table and readied herself by making herself comfortable on the table. Relaxing and waiting for the things to come. I start by testing arms, legs and feet. (Technical: deltoid anterior, quadriceps femoris, tibialis anterior)

In doing so, I frequently notice a difference in muscle testing in resulting various variations:

  • arms “strong”, legs “strong” and vice versa
  • arms “strong”, legs “weak” and vice versa
  • left arm/leg “strong”, right arm/leg “weak” and vice versa

Well, you can figure out the possibilities, I have found  them all while muscle testing.

How do I find the right outcome to start with?

Enters the “pause lock” or retaining mode. With this method in place – frequently used in Applied Physiology – one holds the problem  in an energetic loop in such a way that there can be only one solution. The muscle test is “strong” or the muscle test is “weak”. And this is the indication you work with.

Muscle testing is not always ‘yes’ or ‘no’

When the client is deeply relaxed. Certainly not in the way I use this indicator tool, muscle testing is not always ýes’or ‘no’.  To be more specific, I even use it in a way that it shows me I am relaxed and the client is relaxed too. I ‘feel’ it when the muscle test is “weak”. You might say to use this method as practitioner one has to be in H+ (H plus).

When the client is deeply relaxed any ‘resurfacing’ from the deep relaxation is indicated by a “strong” muscle test.  So any input from information that shows a “strong” muscle test will be interpreted as being ‘not appropriate’ (Not O.K.).

By now, while you read this information, you feel yourself relaxed and have a sense of what it is to use hypnosis as a state in which the client reconnects with her subconscious.

Through muscle testing I get the information the subconscious wants to have ‘on the table’. This is useful for understanding its issues(s) as it wants to feel these resolved.

This method of working is excellent for those clients who want to get in touch with their subconcious. Be aware not everyone is ready to get in touch with their subconscious and rather live a physical life.

Huib Salomons
Prractitioner Specialized Kinesiology


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