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How to start a specialized kinesiology session

A wise person observed nature and snakes. Looking for science in everything he stated “the venom is in the start”. Ohh yeah!

Whether you learn to muscle test or are a veteran in muscle testing you will soon understand the quality of you work as practitioner of specialized kinesiology, once you stand still, take the time to look back and notice the times you booked successes in your work.

Go into a state of trance first

Because when you are aware of these moments you will find that the common denominator is the fact that you learned yourself to go into a state of trance before you start doing your work.

It is this little known fact that makes the difference whether you can tune into the Mind Body mind Spirit connection of the client or you make an unconscious decision to take yourself into the equation.

Going in trance first is the duty of every practitioner

To learn how to go in trance first is your obligation to your client as they are paying good money as they expect quality of the session. The technique is rather simple but greatly effective in the final outcome in the time spent together.

While you ask your client to relax, you take the time to relax yourself too.

Breathe in, breathe out.

As you feel yourself come into the now, free from the distraction of everyday life, you will find yourself more in contact with the client in such a way you can tune into the energy of your client with ease.

Breathe in, breathe out.

And when you reached this feeling of relaxation it is time to connect with your client through communication.

You will become at ease with this state of trance more quickly when you practice this state every time you start a session. What you are learning yourself is to do self-hypnosis on the fly.

This is the little known fact that can boost your self-esteem and quality of your work dramatically. Even if it were only to take YOU out of the equation.
Start practicing this self-hypnosis and to feel you have done more in the same time and you were there for the client all the time. Time well spent.!

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