Types of Localization

Types of localization: Therapy, Circuit, Surrogate testing

Muscle testing techniques – Localization is the main goal of muscle testing. Everyone knows Applied/Specialized Kinesiology in essence is the correction of the Body Mind Spirit Connection through any kind of Reflexology. Be the activator Allopathic, PsychoLogic or Homeopathic of nature.

Therapy localization – Muscle testing is the mechanism we use at Applied/Specialized Kinesiology to find the location of therapy. The means of therapy and the duration of therapy. Also known as Therapy localization.

Problems of any kind come solitarily, in clusters or circuit:

  • Solitaire problems are problems that exist of their own. These are new and fresh problems.
  • Cluster problems are like problems that are there because they have their own universe. You surely can picture a sun and the planets that spin around that sun. The sun is the focus of the problems. Everyone knows the problems trigger points can have on your well being.
  • Circuit problems are problems that are linked to each other sequentially and only occur in sequence. Just like domino stones that fall down sequentially.

Circuit localization – The mechanism of circuit localization is that of a series of muscle tests that are characterized by relating to each other because they flip-flop in sequence. Meaning where a location tests "strong", the next related location tests "weak". I know this is a matter of self induced trance rule, but it gives you a clear focus on the tests that occur. The pause lock or retention mode in regard to this phenomenon is that it is the physical anchoring effect of a circuit localization.

Surrogate testing – Another funny, useful phenomenon is the phenomenon of surrogate testing. It is possible to test a muscle as "strong", then find another muscle that is "weak". And now when focusing on this muscle, test the first muscle testing "weak" too. The uniqueness of surrogate testing lies in the possibility to test muscles or locations you cannot reach directly.

Pause lock – Now what are you doing here? You do circuit localization with putting the muscle in a mental pause lock (focusing). You can test it also by using a physical pause lock or retention mode. Use any type of anchor to give you and the client the idea of stopping energy from flowing. The quality of change ("strong" / "weak") is a measure for the quantity of interference between the two or when in sequence the whole circuit.

When surrogate testing is working it should function – i.e. reacting the way surrogate testing has been qualified –, we know the neural pathways are working properly and the signals are send and received normally. In fact that is the whole mechanism of muscle testing.

As biofeedback mechanism – muscle testing – does even beter work through the neural pathways then any appraratus. Everyone knows emotions are stored in the nervous system. And using surrogate testing you can imagine yourself focusing on these places where emotions are stored. And with that in mind you are able to DEFUSE that emotion that FUSED itself into the nervous system and thereby blocking information wanting to come through as though it was a Infoceutical.

Most of the time the Body Mind Spirit Connection is capable of rerouting this information with the cost of losing energy. I am sure you can imagine how it would be if this rerouting could stop and the neural pathways could digest the information as it passes through. You would have energy to spare, don’t you?!

The beauty of muscle testing you get feedback on how much this rerouting has stopped. You decide how you want to measure it and the Body Mind Spirit Connection will react accordingly. As you can see muscle testing has many properties and is fun, unique, challenging and satisfying when you just see the possibilities it holds in store for the one who likes to puzzle and to research things at hand.

Muscle testing techniques come with all kinds ways of localization (circuit, therapy and surrogate). And it all comes to life because of the correct or not correct signaling in the nervous system and therefore the quality of the nervous system and the flux in the neural pathways.

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