Pause lock magic

Pauselock: How to make it work!

A pauselock is a method whereby we lock the information we just tested. 

In Applied Physiology you might “close a joint”, test and “open that joint”.

Imagine you are muscle testing and you like to investigate just as I do. You might want to use something that is called: Pauselock or Retention mode.

With the Pauselock or Retention mode we freeze the tested energy in movement. This movement is the “closing” and “opening” of a joint 1). By opening this joint we “freeze” the information we just muscle tested. Now, there are practitioners who constantly find an indicator change. 2) I tell you here, this is not what I have observed. I have experienced the indicator change taking place only when the locked energy has enough power to make the change possible.

Meaning: When you stack enough energy 3) you will find the indicator change happening at one time.

I can imagine it is only now that you have enough energy stacked to make change possible. But you do not always have to go over the threshold to make a change, because you do not always want to make a change. You just might be interested in pinpointing the energy so you are “sure” that the energy you stack is a true image of the things you test for the sake of proper investigation.

TIP: So when a muscle test does not give the indicator change wanted, you might stack it some more times and then you find the indicator change taking place at some point. This is your proof that the information you wanted to stack was of little energy, at least to small to cross the treshold.

There is true magic in pauselock. Pauselock, a method I certainly can not do without.

Huib Salomons, Practitioner Specialized Kinesiology – Apeldoorn, The Netherlands.

  1. By joint we mean the closing and opening of a hipjoint or the mandible. It does not matter whether you use the joint of the client or yourself. In some cases it is preferable to use the clients joint, so you can walk around without breaking the circuit.
  2. An indicator change is a change in reaction of the muscle test. Where the muscle test first tested “strong”, you now find the muscle test testing “weak” or vice versa.
  3. Stacking of energy is made possible by this phenomenon called: Pauselock or retention mode. It is like filling a bucket with water using a mug. At some time you find the water spilling over the rim of the bucket.

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