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Fix as you go | Respect the way the Connection wants to be treated

Body Mind Spirit Connection has its own way to solve the problem – The natural way to get in communication with the Body Mind Spirit Connection is through Manual Muscle Testing.

    About muscle testing

  • Muscle testing is a technique to observe the reaction of the nervous system under the next conditions: focus of thought and stretching a muscle under very light pressure.
  • Muscle testing this way we get insight in what ails the client’s Body Mind Spirit Connection. This is why Muscle testing turns out to be a true Muscle Monitor. Under the same conditions we get to know what Body Mind Spirit Connection wants to have done in order to have the problem at hand fixed.

Body Mind Spirit Connection – This Connection is a balancing act between Body’s intelligence, your thinking-feeling processes (Mind), intuition-knowing and energy flow (Spirit). This balance is of a homeostatic nature, as it is adapting to cope with the stresses in the client’s environment. It is therefore forever moving. When the Connection is not capable of keeping homeostatic balance, you will find “pain, fear or fear of pain” (Three in One Concepts) in your life.

Focus of thought – While testing, I observed the importance of, on the one hand to have a clear open mind, and on the other hand to aim your thoughts on the essence of the problem. The latter gives reason as to why it is essential in Applied Physiology (Richard Utt) to have a clear picture in your mind of the problem you want to balance.

Stretching a muscle – Muscle testing or Muscle Monitoring (as it preferably called in Applied Physiology) is a non intrusive way to get information of the Body Mind Spirit Connection. It comes down to positioning a limb in such a way the intended muscle is contracted to its maximum. When moving the limb in the direction of the lengthening path of the intended muscle you will find resistance or not. Observing resistance is called “Strong” and no resistance is called “Weak”.

The importance of the spindle cell – Now there is a proprioreceptor mechanism in the muscles that is called “spindle cell”. This mechanism is really important in observing the capability to measure the quality of the feedback in the total nervous system (and ultimately the Body Mind Spirit Connection). When the spindle cell signals a contraction the capable nervous system is quick to react and let go of the contraction. The muscle test will test “weak” accordingly. In reverse, when a spindle cells signals “no resistance” the capable nervous system is quick to react and to contract the muscle, thus testing “strong”. When the nervous system in any way is not capable to react you know you have a problem to solve.

There is more than meets the eye – Although this all seems so clear and simple, you should be aware that this is just the mechanics. It takes practice and practice to observe the beauty that lies beneath. Our goal is to give the Body Mind Spirit Connection its natural ability to restore balance (homeostasis).

Through the years I have become wise to respect the Body Mind Spirit Connection. Many times I tried to manipulate the Connection to solve the problem in a thought through logical sequence. All these times I was led to the notion to best fix it in Connection’s way. That is when I want to save time solving the problem. Thus I primairly FIX the burdened Body Mind Spirit Connection AS I GO.

Muscle testing versus Muscle Monitoring

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