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Specialized / Applied Kinesiology is the method of stress management par excellence, that uses the muscle test as a means of determining the essential things that need to done to rebuild the Body Mind Spirit Connection. And in the flow of performing the necessary corrections – using for example essences, acupressure – we balance the Mind by Telling the Story these specific items address based on their own meaning as we defined them as specialized / applied kinesiology practitioner.


  1. The study of the anatomy, physiology, and mechanics of body movement, especially in humans.
  2. The application of the principles of kinesiology to the evaluation and treatment of muscular imbalance or derangement.

[Greek: kin sis , movement, + -logos , study]

Towson University

Specialized Kinesiology, a sister of Applied Kinesiology – Specialized and Applied Kinesiology go hand in hand when it comes to the unique way this type of kinesiology work. As they use the muscle test as a means to determine what is essential for this client in this moment of time that needs to be addressed. They both originated from the incentive that was started with the findings of Chiropractor dr. George Goodheart. Specialized Kinesiology houses Touch for Health, Three in One Concepts, Applied Physiology, LEAP etcetera.

Muscle monitoring as a diagnostic tool – There are many ways to connect with Body Mind Spirit, and muscle testing is one of them. Muscle monitoring – based on the ideomotor signal – is the diagnostic tool we use at Specialized / Applied Kinesiology. There are also VAS, pendulum, VEGA test, biotensor. Yet the muscle test is one of them that let the client experience the difference noticeable. And what better way is there when the client feels the difference for him to make the change necessary. With a diagnostic tool like the muscle test we – as specialized kinesiology practitioner – aim is to make the Body Mind Spirit connection optimal. The way it should be. And that might differ from person to person, one can imagine.

[Read more on how to perform a muscle test]

Anchoring with the muscle testUsing the muscle test we anchor what we are talking about, because anchoring is the hottest tool when it comes to making something shtick. When you are acquainted with Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) you know what this means. Anchoring is a tool in NLP for the person to easily come to a restful place, just by touching a programmed spot remembering those good feelings, those good memories in a flash. And you must know ultimately it is the body sensations that have the greatest impact on you feeling better and in balance. Ready to comply with the need of contributing to life as it unfolds before your eyes.

Telling the Story – And while we are making our corrections – as the muscle test implies us to perform –, gradually and slowly a Story unfolds when we interpret the messages these corrections have to say. The Body tells the Story, the Mind tells the Story as do all the rest. It is in this relaxed state of the client the Story is being told, the subconscious can agree or not agree to the explanation as we go along and muscle test for verification. As Daniël Whiteside (Three in One Concepts) worded: “Painting the Picture”. And doing so anchoring with muscle testing has the effect of the subconscious acknowledging that what is.

Everyone needs balance in energy – The ultimate goal of Specialized / Applied Kinesiology is for you to find balance in energy. Now energy is a vague issue. Everyone knows how it feels to need energy. Yet no one can tell you exactly what it is. One might say that management of stress may help you lower levels of exhaustion, one might say having a better flow of energy in the meridians (like water in a canal), one might  say eating carbohydrates will give you energy.

When we muscle test the body mind spirit connection we aim at all of these and offer the correction needed at precisely the right time, right now as the client rests on the table. And all of that because with the muscle test we get to tune into the thinking-emoting-feeling experience of the client. Thereby providing certainty and comfort to the client, because of the understanding we get of what the body mind spirit connection has in “mind” and want us to know.

You do understand now. Specialized / Applied Kinesiology is an unique way of stress management with deep psychological effect, ready for you to experience it first had. And do something with your energy. This is not something you discuss about, this is hands-on work. Only THEN you will have some grasp of the applicability.

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