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A Muscle Tests Weak! What does that mean?

Imagine yourself, resting yourself on my massage table. After a short while of relaxation – of settling – I start testing your arms and legs.

Muscle testing I position the limb so the muscle or muscle group – I am focusing on – in its “shortest” position, for testing this muscle  or muscle group I push this limb in the direction of maximal extension of the muscle of muscle group with very light pressure.

If you are interested or when I ask you to take notice of what is happening, you find your arms and/or legs hold the light pressure I am asserting (“strong”). Or you experience your arms and/or legs moving towards the table (“weak”).

The latter is when I talk to you about “weak muscle testing”. Reading this blog I want you to start think about what the possibilities are for “weak muscle testing” to occur.

Although muscle testing appears to be a digital phenomenon (“strong”, “weak”), there is evidence of a third type (“blocked”). It is this third type that learning practitioners must get into their system to “see” the whole picture. (Note: it has to do with neurological receptors, spindle cell mechanism.)

Testing “weak”!

Sample of a “weak” muscle test.

So you are laying on the table and you experience a “weak” muscle test. Yes, you can. It is a strange observation. It seems you can not withhold this light pressure. Even if you would fight it and I would increase the pressure you still feel as if you have no strength to withstand that – initial – light pressure.

That is what I experienced when I was muscle tested for the first time. It was this experience that startled me to explore all types of kinesiology that were available for me at that time.

Strange thing is happening here! When you were to stand up right after this experience, chances are you find you have all strength back.

So what makes a muscle test to test weak?

  1. First of all (in this case) you are laying on the table, relaxed and open for what is about to happen. This is purely a case of light trance. Meaning your subconscious is showing you it wants to communicate.
  2. This may be evidence of the neurological current not running freely through one or more reflex arches. (a] in the muscle b] muscle – spinal cord c] muscle – brain)
  3. Let your imagination go wild!

I am aware the second and third can not occur without the first.

How to resolve a “weak” muscle test?

Pause Lock Magic. The point is when you have a “weak”  muscle test, focusing on an area of interest can make this muscle test suddenly go strong. In fact what you are doing now is a type of “pause lock” magic. In this case with a “weak” muscle test to start with, you are looking for a muscle test change (stacking).

For fun you can explore what makes this combination “weak” again. (Go stack even further)
This area of interest can be one of the sides of the Health Triade, the human energetic field, chakra’s … be creative.

Now that you have found a correlation point or -area and holding this point (stress release it) or stress release the area, you do what Mind Body Spirit wants you to do.

That is our job [specialized/applied kinesiology]: Stress release by managing the response(s) Mind Body Spirit is communicating  to us.

Huib Salomons
Practitioner Specialized Kinesiology


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