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At the 35th annual Touch for Health Conference Sheldon Deal showed the ‘Injury Recall Technique’ [by Dr. Wally Schmitt]. Information retrieved from contraction of the neck muscles indicate that a memory of any kind of injury may still hinder the body to act freely.

See it to believe it, Touch for Health, Applied Kinesiology Demonstration @ Sheldon Deal demonstrates injury recall technique. This was taken at the 35th annual Touch for Health, kinesiology Conference. Read more …

Extending of the Neck / Contraction of the Neck Muscles

The procedure shown is based on the fact that ‘Injury Memory in the Body’ from all kind may be still present until the moment you release them all.

  1. The presenter shows that the presence of such ‘Injury Memory’ is evidenced by a focus on the formerly injured area and a ‘Extending of the Neck’ [contraction of the neck muscles].
  2. The general correction he shows is the extension of the neck muscles [and more]. It may be obvious this may not always be the preferred correction.
  3. You may wiggle the Hyoid bone to recognize the presence of more injuries. Do not stop with this procedure until there is no ‘weakness’ indicated.

P.S. As an extra he shows what it does to the overall flexibility of body.

‘IRT involves a correction by opening the mortis joint for areas of injury below the neck and flexing the atlanto-occipital joint for areas of the head and neck, while either the patient touches the area of injury …’. []

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