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Hypnosis and Applied/Specialized Kinesiology

Laying on the table you are likely to deeply relax. Especially when you feel what you feel and let go of any trouble in your mind. You might say “well I can do that anyhow”, that is not the point. Here really is some hypnotic state involved, as I notice my clients relax that way!

Stress relief as the testing procedure continues – Everybody knows that when we relax deeply, we go into a deep state of trance. Such a state is beneficial to enter an altered state of consciousness without the need of use of any drugs. It is just like being in a deep meditation, where one is extremely mindful, thinking-emotional feeling in balance. It is in this state you find stress relief.

As our Applied/Specialized kinesiology testing procedure progresses and the client continues to relax even more. It is in this relaxed state the client can make the changes himself, with ease and grace. This stress management par excellence.

Being mindful is an attitude worthy of a king – In fact, a true Applied/Specialized kinesiology practitioner really is a facilitator: One who facilitates the client to make the change needed possible. The Applied/Specialized kinesiology practitioner as facilitator is like a researcher who wishes to be objective, but everyone knows he also is part of the system. Part of the process to make the changes shtick and have a watchful eye for the wanted outcome: stress relief, the need for the body mind spirit connection to be in balance (homeostasis), full of energy, capable of enjoying life more fully.

Communication is hypnosis, therapy is hypnosis – We know that any communication has hypnosis up its sleeve. We only have to listen and examine the words of Obama when he made his inauguration speech. We don’t need to go that far in order to accept this also is an issue when client and the Applied/Specialized kinesiology practitioner do this one session.

It is when both are in this mindful state beautiful things can happen and in it is not unusual that the client may change his way of thinking, just because it feels different. The things being said, the correction being done accumulate to that one goal: living life in balance.

Anchoring with the muscle test – Using the muscle test we anchor what we are talking about, because anchoring is the hottest tool when it comes to making something shtick. When you are acquainted with Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP), you know what this means.

Anchoring is a tool – mentioned in NLP – for the person to easily come to a restful place, just by touching a programmed spot remembering those good feelings, those good memories in a flash.

As you relax, know that – ultimately – the bodily sensations have the greatest impact on you feeling better and in balance. Ready to comply with the need of contributing to life as it unfolds before your eyes.

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