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Strong muscle test! A case of Catalepsy

When I did my Conversational Hypnosis for Professional Hypnotists (CHPH) may 2011 in Amsterdam it hit me! I dare to state:

A strong muscle test in the Clear is a case of catalepsy, showing the client is able to relax  and therefore in a trance.

Conversational Hypnosis for Professional Hypnotists (CHPH)

CHPH is a training seminar for you to become a professional conversational hypnotist. You get trained to feel comfortable hypnotizing people easily and quick. Plus you get to get the feel of what you might be doing next, in order for the client to overcome his or her problem.

The beauty of it all is you get to do it conversationally. This is the biggest stumbling block for many a hypnotist. Bringing it conversationally! For what do they do? They start reading scripts. While what they should be doing is go in H plus (H+) and let the words come rolling out of their mouths. It can be done, because what you read here is  a clear example of this technique you will learn at CHPH.

Go in H plus (H+), go in trance first

H+ is one of the corner stones of hypnotizing people. In other words you have to go first into a state of relaxation, a state of trance. As the saying goes “Energy flows where the attention goes”. When you go first, your client is likely to follow and go into a deep relaxed state. There are a few who do not know the feeling of feel deeply relaxed. Don’t you agree?

And from there a person can go in any type of trance, when they are willing to let them go even deeper into that so-desired state of relaxation. You know you don’t need to close your eyes to get that feeling of going into a trance. You get to find your client to relax within 60 seconds, or even better, 10 seconds. Yes, you have to go in H+ first. Are you in a trance already?

It hit me: “Strong” equals Trance-like state

When I look back and go back into my practize of Specialized Kinesiology I can see myself go into an H+-state. I already did that automatically. It hit me that this was not new for me at all, I just didn’t give it a name. So this part of the equation is already confirmed. Now the next step is – you remember: “Energy flows where the attention goes” – that the client is likely to relax with me. Following me into that relaxed state I want them to be in.

Then I test and look for a “strong” muscle test, although I have an open mind for what I might test. This is my goal. You see I look for a muscle test that is cataleptic (“strong”), and this means the client is able to relax, easily and readily. The second part of the equation has been proven too.

A cataleptic muscle test (“strong”) is a sign of a person in a trance-like state.

Note: Of course this is just one of the possibilities of experiencing a muscle test, but nevertheless it is valid and the practitioner can incorporate many different actions on this given.

This is the base for a life-changing experience. I know I have done that many a time!

When you are interested in getting as fluent in your language using conversational hypnosis I suggest you have a look at the CHPH training seminar and learn to be conversational hypnotically effective, step by step. Because you learn to do this type of hypnosis STEP-by-STEP.

Huib Salomons
Practitioner Specialized Kinesiology





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