golgi tendon organs | occipital fibers

A practical application of Occipital Fiber analysis using the Golgi Tendon Mechanism for testing normal assessment of the occipital area. Abnormal findings must be corrected as to balance the mind body spirit. Continue reading

Energetic Kinesiology – Principles and Practice

Energetic Kinesiology – Principles and Practice has been written to fill that void. Written by two experienced practitioners and teachers in the field it presents a clear systematic statement of the mechanism upon which all of the related techniques are based. Continue reading

time now correction kinesiology

It is mandatory to state “This session will cost you One Million Dollar!” (or something alike to provoke a shock-state) after any kinesiology correction made, because anything can reinstate the old behaviour. The possibilities given and corrections made in relation to these possibilities and the issue aim for a certain permanency of the corrections made. The goal is to keep clear from refraining of the old, same behaviour. Continue reading

kinesiology | weak muscle testing

What to do when you experience a “weak” muscle test? Do pause lock magic (stacking). The “weak” muscle test will return “strong” when a correlated point or area is indicated. All you have to do is stress release that point or area. Continue reading

Total muscle weakness isotonic isometric isokinestic

Is experienced total muscle weakness always the same?! There are different types of muscle exercise. I do not think the experienced total muscle weakness is the same for the different types of muscle exercise: isotonic, isometric and isokinetic. Continue reading

What is it like to “be in trance”

What is it ike to “be in trance”? In this episode I write about what trance is and the different types of trance I can relate to. Trance is the state where you are .not with what you are doing, because you have an unresolved issue at hand or you play with altered states. Anyway these distractions keep you from experiencing life to its fullest. Continue reading

Comments | muscle testing | how does it work

Muscle testing can be done without going into trance! Who are they kidding? Trance is a normal state of being in everyday life. And suddenly you can start changing people without going in trance?! Comments on an article “What is muscle testing and how does it work?” by Jonathan Livingstone. Continue reading

A practitioners lament | kinesiology

A specialized kinesiology practitioners lament is written to express the feelings, sensations and purpose a standard practitioners practise as perfomred by huib salomons Continue reading

Noticeable variation in muscle testing

Muscle testing is not always ‘yes’or ‘no’. Muscle test may vary in different combinations. Muscle testing may give you means for communicating with the subconscious. Continue reading