kinesiology | weak muscle testing

What to do when you experience a “weak” muscle test? Do pause lock magic (stacking). The “weak” muscle test will return “strong” when a correlated point or area is indicated. All you have to do is stress release that point or area. Continue reading

The Binary System | Computer Chips | Human Body as Biocomputer

The Human Body as Biocomputer. This biocomputer in fact is a network of different kinds of distinctive computers. In view of this scope the practitioner of applied / specialized kinesiolgy focuses on restoring the functioning of the recognized computers to normal. As his tools, the practitioner has serveral tools at his disposal: muscle testing, therapy localization, hand modes, pauselock/retaining mode. Continue reading

Noticeable variation in muscle testing

Muscle testing is not always ‘yes’or ‘no’. Muscle test may vary in different combinations. Muscle testing may give you means for communicating with the subconscious. Continue reading

Pauselock | Anchoring

Pauselock and Anchoring Pauselock (Retentionmode) equal to Anchoring of a State (NLP) With kinesiology testing we sometimes use Pauselock of Retentiemode. I think there is a resemblance to an NLP-method: Anchoring of a state. A State — A “State” is Continue reading