Injury Recall Technique | Touch for Health

At the 35th annual Touch for Health Conference Sheldon Deal showed the ‘Injury Recall Technique’. Information retrieved from contraction of the neck muscles indicate that a memory of any kind of injury may still hinder the body to act freely. Continue reading

Energetic Kinesiology – Principles and Practice

Energetic Kinesiology – Principles and Practice has been written to fill that void. Written by two experienced practitioners and teachers in the field it presents a clear systematic statement of the mechanism upon which all of the related techniques are based. Continue reading

The Binary System | Computer Chips | Human Body as Biocomputer

The Human Body as Biocomputer. This biocomputer in fact is a network of different kinds of distinctive computers. In view of this scope the practitioner of applied / specialized kinesiolgy focuses on restoring the functioning of the recognized computers to normal. As his tools, the practitioner has serveral tools at his disposal: muscle testing, therapy localization, hand modes, pauselock/retaining mode. Continue reading

Total muscle weakness isotonic isometric isokinestic

Is experienced total muscle weakness always the same?! There are different types of muscle exercise. I do not think the experienced total muscle weakness is the same for the different types of muscle exercise: isotonic, isometric and isokinetic. Continue reading

A practitioners lament | kinesiology

A specialized kinesiology practitioners lament is written to express the feelings, sensations and purpose a standard practitioners practise as perfomred by huib salomons Continue reading

Noticeable variation in muscle testing

Muscle testing is not always ‘yes’or ‘no’. Muscle test may vary in different combinations. Muscle testing may give you means for communicating with the subconscious. Continue reading

little known fact specialized kinesiology

The venom is in the start. Your success a practitioner of specialized kinesiology depends on your willingness to go into trance before you start the session. This little known fact was there all the time only for you to recognize. It takes you out of the equation. Continue reading

H plus | catalepsy | muscle testing

After the CHPH training seminar it hit me. A strong muscle in the Clear is a case of catalepsy, showing the client is able to relax and therefore in a trance. And trance is the base for a life changing experience. Continue reading

muscle testing | validity checking

Always check the validity of the indicator muscle with specialized kinesiology. Quality of your work is measured by the quality of your tool. Know where you are coming from. Continue reading