what is special about specialized kinesiology

Hooked om muscle testing

There is nothing more fascinating then muscle testing. To feel the quality of resistence – or not – and the ability to make change in that quality. That is what specialized kinesiology is for me.

The journey starts as a person takes in her position (laying, standing, sitting). Yes, every session is a journey in the unkown for I am open for everything that shows up.

‘Total weakness’ as shows up when in a hypnotic state

Daniel Whiteside

For me there are  thin lines between, hypnotic muscle response, functional muscle response and energetic muscle response. It is rather easy to come to a testing of ‘total weakness’, which  – in most cases – for me is nothing more than a state of hypnotic trance where the subconscious is willing to communicate directly through muscle testing. In these cases I start painting the information given with the symbolic information that resonate within the realm of my thinking (according the trade of Daniel Whiteside – Three In One Concepts)

This state of ‘total weakness’ shows up in my testing when basic all primal needs are fulfilled as required by muscle testing. Which is the subconscious telling me to give the right amount of attention to this or that issue that bothers this person.

The ‘body scan’ to reveal the place of entry

The most used test in my arsenal of tools ot the trade is the ‘body scan’. This scan is extended to the aura and/or the extra field in case the place of entry is not found on or in the body,

The Body Scan: With my mind, my senses or with my hand I scan the body for an indicator change (‘strong’ muscle test becomes ‘weak’, ‘weak’ becomes ‘strong’).

Be keen on the quality of the information obtained

What I am particular keen about is the quality of the information I observe. I check this information in various ways as not to jump into wrong conclusions. For this I use this technique called ‘pause lock‘ or ‘retaining mode‘, where the qulity of the muscle test is checked using different muscle circuits only to find the same result!

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Apeldoorn, The Netherlands



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