A practitioners lament | kinesiology

A  specialized kinesiology practitioners lament

When a testperson enters my space I ask this person to lay down on the table, shoes off and just relax. And while this person is laying down on the table and relaxing I make myself relax too. Breathing in and breathing out.

This testperson came in my space for a reason. Be it conscious or unconscious. And now this person is laying on the table. Ready to undergo the testprocedure where I always start with nowadays …

… with a clear mind – expecting to what I feel – I test the arm (muscles: deltoideus anterior), the leg (muscles: quadriceps femoris) en the feet (muscles: tibialis). I notice whether there is resistance or not (isometric muscle testing). I want to get the overall picture. And over time I have felt various combinations. From total weakness, to total strength (blocked), to weak on the one side and strong on the other side, to strong in the upper body and weak ont lower part of the body and vice versa.

I always return to this basic arm-leg-feet test. And when I have observed what is going on, I check what part needs to be addressed first. I do a BODY SCAN and interpret what it means as I find the parts that need attention.

Most of the time – I have noticed – the first point of attention is the most important for the whole session.

My goal is to have the testperson test “good”. This means the arms – legs – feet muscle test “strong” and react properly on the spindle cell manipulation.

With Muscle Spindle Cell manipulation we intentionally push the belly of the muscle together. Thus shorting the belly fibers of the muscle. The addressed proprioceptors are the spindle cells. These proprioceptors check whether the muscles are maximally shortened or not. This intentionally being the case – because the belly is contracted /pushed together – will signal the brain to release tension and in doing isometric muscle test the muscle loses its power to hold and turns flaccid. In stretching the belly – effectualy lengthening the muscle belly – affects the spindle cells to indicate loss of “power”. Thus signing to the brain to activate the muscle tension. With proper functioning spindle cells the isometric muscle test will test “strong”.

It is important for me that the person relaxes deep. Because when this testperson relaxes deep this means the person is going into his own internal space. And while I do the outer correction, the testperson changes his internal space for the better.

Really it is good the testperson understands what is going on, but it is even more beneficial the testperson goes inside and makes the reconnection with the subconscious, or unconscious for that matter. Realigning  the conscious with the subconscious or uncounscious brings the person in alignment with the flow of life. Thus readying the testperson for a meaningful time ahead.

All things being equal. Muscle testing is the best thing that happend to me. (Sounds like “Animal farm“.) Although it is not always clear what happend, I still feel and believe the changes I made are for the good of all.

And while I find these spots that need to be addressed I use any correction that is appropriate for the rebalancing of these spots. Heavily relying on my intuition and senses. Sometimes a “picture” emerges. A picture that tells the theme of the problem.

The testperson may think differently about the outcome, in special when what happend is not what he came for. But I have learned that my purpose in Muscle Testing Life is to make happen what the muscle test is telling me to do, as I go from “total weak” or “total strong” (or any other combination) to  a “strong” and react properly on the spindle cell manipulation.

You see I have learned many procedures, only to come to the conclusion that the best procedure is to LISTEN TO THE BODY. It saves time and right on the money.

And by BODY I really means the whole gestalt of Mind Body Spirit, and not less.

Huib Salomons
Practitioner Specialized Kinesiology

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