Specialized Kinesiology

A name that houses different types of kinesiology

Types of Specialized Kinesiology:

• Touch for Health
• Edu-kinesiology
• Three in One Concepts
• Applied Physiology

Applied/Specialized Kinesiology

Direct contact with Mind Body Spirit connection – Using muscle monitoring or manual muscle testing (as ideomotor-mechanism) we tune in into the essence of the Body Mind Spirit connection: your energy field or thought field. The correction that follows is holistic in nature.

It reflects the wording of the Body Mind Spirit connection as it is the way the connetion has expressed itself through muscle testing. Daniel Whiteside (Three In One Concepts) used to say: “Let the body paint its story”.

It doesn’t matter how you call it, but this is really a journey you make every time you check out your field and fix the issues as we go: fix as you go.

In the begining – At the beginning of Specialized Kinesiology lies Touch for Health. It is the form that is nearest to Applied Kinesiology as it – essentially – teaches to test 14 muscles that are said to relate to 12 main meridians and 2 extra meridians from the Traditional Chinese Medicin – a notion that plays a significant part in the Applied Kinesiology approach.

To name some balancing acts:

  1. holding neuro-vasculair points (Bennet points) and/or
  2. rubbing neuro-lymphatic points (Chapman points),
  3. threngtening or sedating chi in that particular meridian by holding/massaging specific meridian points.

All is done on basis of information gathered by using Accurate Muscle Testing. Also called Muscle monitoring, Manual Muscle Testing,

Muscle testing can be learned – Muscle monitoring is a technique that can be learned, just as you can learn to drive a car. Hazards are everywhere. Learned with the right attitude and the right feeling (scope) you can experience miracles happening as you practize more and more. The essence is to trust what you are sensing and go from there. Meaning: do not try to impose your expectations on your testing, your are likely to fail if you do so!

Very light testing – This type of muscle testing as we do at Applied/Specialized Kinesiology is very light and in fact we don’t intend to measure the strength of a muscle. We really monitor the quality of the muscle while we recognize: “strong”, “weak”, “blocked”. (Applied Physiology)

Balancing the Mind Body Spirit connection – It is true you are not alone. You are a conglomerate of different parts, namely:

  1. Mind – Expressed by your Thinking and Feeling (Emotions).
  2. Body – Expressed by your Physical presentation.
  3. Spirit – Expressed by your Extra spatial abilities (Knowing)

Stop that program holistically with Applied/Specialized Kinesiology – While muscle testing, you only get the same result when there is a program running that needs to be shut down. And when you read further on this site you will understand that muscle testing for communication with the Mind Body Spirit Connection is one thing, performing the correction is the other. You will find when we use the right correction that program will shut down. How do we know? When we can not test with the same result. Doesn’t that sound reasonable. Well, that is what we do!

So when you have become interested, do the only right thing and read and take to you that is interesting and insightful. And/or find a practitioner to experience this first hand. Now you should be aware that no one is the same, everyone has his/her own preferences that reflect in the way the information is handled. So it is with every practitioner. There is no good or better, just as long the correction offered is appropriate for the issue.

Muscle testing is something you must have felt – Muscle testing is the way to listen to mind body spirit. To listen holistically. There are loads of people who think to know how it is to be muscle tested the way Applied / Specialized Kinesiology practitioners muscle test by simply watching a video on YouTube and say “Crap!”. When you are one of them “Stop what you are doing!”. And realize you can only judge when you have experienced the real thing. I am sure you can relate to that for many other experiences in your life. When not, then you are not from this world.

Be in the Now – Muscle monitoring – as a way of facilitated communication – is a great tool to assess the problems you experience and a great starter for making the right choice(s) to get back to the “Normal” state. This state where you are in the Now, in the Present. Guess what, there is only Now. All your thoughts and your actions – that make you live in the Past or project you in the Future – make you do anything but to “have not live life at its fullest”. Hint …. At the heart of “living live at its fullest” lies the art of Mindfulness.

Muscle testing, the alpha and omega of a session – There are loads of explanations for manual muscle testing to work. While muscle testing, we work in the different areas of the Body Mind (thinking-feeling) Spirit connection. Muscle testing, we focus on the whole (hence the term holistic) and we receive information from the B/M/S connection. It is our job – as practitioner of Applied/Specialized Kinesiology – to act on this information. The correction – our way of stress management – will influence the whole system according the appliability of the presented correction. At the end muscle testing shows the effectiviness of the intervention.

Because stress is unavoidable, doesn’t mean we cannot do anything to relieve stress. Facilitated communication to assess and focussed attention while making the correction, are the way stress management is done – essentially – at Applied/Specialized Kinesiology! Entering the realm of the Body Mind Spirit connection, our influence is holistic in nature … It is up to you to take the steps necessary and find the relieve you desire so much.

Welcome to this site, enjoy and get your insight!

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