Stacking equals the adding up of packages of energy intensity as the practitioner adds more and more information into the energy field.


Stacking energy – Working with specialized kinesiology we can use the metaphor of “working with energy”. As energy naturally flows there must be a method for retaining Packages of Energy. And when we get hold of these packages we can add them one by one.

Adding up for greater impact – The goal is to add as many Packages of Energy necessary for the Body Mind Spirit connection to be able to let a simple correction make a huge impact on the system. Thus making a complex correction simple.

The adding mechanism – In Applied Physiology  .

In that state, the optimal balance of Body Mind Spirit connection becomes the goal of every practitioner, whether he is aware of it or not. And the Applied/Specialized Kinesiology practitioner tests these areas standard for problems that play hazard in one or more of these areas.

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