Mindfulness and a life worth living

Mindfulness, a way of living. If you want quality in life coorporate this attentiveness into your everymoment experience. And learn to let go of things easily.


Shinzen Young Vipassana MindfulnessMindfulness is a way of living life at its fullest. Praktizing mindfulness one will find peace and harmony. It is considered stress management technique number one. You may wonder why? Let me take you back to your body. Feel your body and notice if you feel any stressfactor. I bet once you bring your attention in your body you can feel these things. And that brings us straight back to the point where Mindfulness and Vipassana begins. Simply the notion of any stressfactor is the first and only step you take as you praktize Mindfulness.

Mindfulness is the alpha and the omega. In my early days it was Jiddu Krishnamurti and Sri Aurobindo who brought me the story, the notion and the insight of “being aware in the moment”. Ever since it was and is difficult for me to praktize this way of living. I even forgot to think about it. Not long ago I bought the MP3 recordings of Shinzen Young and this all brought me back to my early understandings. Listening to these recordings I am wandering back to the track I once found so important. Living Mindfulness at its fullest with Vipassana Meditation.

Being mindful has health in mind. You and I both want quality in life. And quality in life is in most of the time defined by living a life free of pain. When you search on the net you can find sites that mention research on living life with mindfulness, and they mention the collected data that confirm the quality of life when living a stressfree living.

Mindfulness is defined by the pure act of being in the moment. Being in the moment, taking time to observe the things happening, observing thoughts and feeling as they are presenting them selfs. All without judgement, all without the I commenting. Truely, to be is one of the most difficult things to do in live and has the gravest impact on the way you cope with live as it presents itself to you.

Bear with me and learn more about Mindfulness, learn about Vipassana.

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