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Dedicated to those who are also wandering on the road of Specialized Kinesiology, offering you means and products you might find interesting to investigate. Specializing on the experience of muscle testing since 1989.

Orthokin.nl – You can read more on what I do with Specialized Kinesiology @ orthokin.nl. And while you already show interest in the subject of Specialized Kinesiology you also might take a peek at The Art of Muscle Testing, a page where you may find a not everyday explanation of how to muscle test, since you know there is much more to it then the eye can see.

Our goal – This site – in fact any other site produced – has the main goal to get you information. Information on the “things” that are important, the “things” that need to be passed on. So you can make up your own mind about the things that matter to you. Because you matter to me. Information I have is may be interesting to you too. So there you go!

How things work nowadays –  “I want to bring you up the trail I am walking. I open my eyes and `listen` to what Energy, the One, Life, Subconscious – whatever you call it – says to me. Since all is symbolic, I translate it into with my own daily world. And take those actions that are predicted by this symbolic information. And ghosh it is so … energy giving. So much, that I want to do it everyday. Until now I make at least one insertion of this Information everyday. I guess you are up to a whole lot more of these insertions of all kind. Mahalo.” [hsalomons]


Bon Voyage!

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