Kriya Yoga

“Kriya is a breath control (pranayama) technique but more than breath it puts us in touch with the very energy (“prana”) at our center in the subtle spine of the astral body. Hence, it works with the essence of our incarnate consciousness and the seeds of ego ignorance. This Life Force sits at the inner doorway to higher consciousness which leads to soul freedom in God.” [Autobiography of an Yogi]

“The Kriya Yogi mentally directs his life energy to revolve, upward and downward, around the six spinal centers (medullary, cervical, dorsal, lumbar, sacral, and coccygeal plexuses) which correspond to the twelve astral signs of the zodiac, the symbolic Cosmic Man. One-half minute of revolution of energy around the sensitive spinal cord of man effects subtle progress in his evolution; that half-minute of Kriya equals one year of natural spiritual unfoldment.” [Autobiography of an Yogi]

Kriya Meditation

Kriya Yoga meditation derives from an ancient Indian tradition, revived inside the nineteenth century by the Indian Yogi Mahavatar Babaji. Despite its huge growth in popularity within the West and the attendant growth in numbers of …

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Benefits of Kriya Yoga – Get them Online

Since archaic times, Kriya yoga is self-same accepted in terminology of its rejuvenating benefits. The usage of Kriya yoga consists of several levels of Pranayama based on techniques with the intention of are anticipated headed for …

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Kriya Yoga Initiation

The Concept of the Wound in Initiation. Author: Kenneth Toy (Swami Jayananda)- Website

What does Initiation into Kriya Yoga and to Contact Babaji?

Babaji’s Kriya Yoga with Marshall Govindan Satchidananda 1 888 252-9642, Québec,Canada. Visit www. or contact

Kriya Yoga in Daily Life – A Place Called Ananda – Ananda Sangha

People who are interested in receiving initiation into Kriya are often interested in what Kriya will do to deepen their meditation, and what kind of spiritual experiences they can expect through Kriya practice. …

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Learn Kriya Yoga online

Love Prayer. The Kriya Yoga teachings and preparation for the holy initiation are available online, or for download in the file or the Cyberspace Ashram CD “Spiritual Treasures” …

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The Source of Yoga for Kundalini and Kundalini Yoga Kriyas

After this I got Initiation from a Great Spiritual Master with a Manthra. Since then there was great spiritual up-liftment in me. After a few months of initiation and one day during festival days of Navarathri while I was meditating, …

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What is Kriya Yoga?

The question most frequently encountered beyond the technique and its mechanics is “Why does one take initiation as a disciple of Yogananda in receiving the technique? A simple question with many answers shining like facets on the …

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Paramahansa Yogananda and the Mahavatar Babaji

Looking at this resource that provided a complete initiation into Kriya Yoga with its techniques, I found what I was looking for. I knew this to be the current official Kriya Yoga resource on the planet, and I knew this had every …

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Introduction – 18 Kriya Postures

The pranayam technique taught by Yogiar Ramaiah is only practised by initiates into Kriya Yoga so is not included here, but another simple breathing exercise can be practised by beginners instead. One Round (one kriya) …

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A Recipe for Bliss: Kriya Yoga for a brand new Millennium

This book and Carl’s on the web class are the only sources i’ve identified that truly offer step–step methods for Kriya Yoga meditation without having the guru initiation method. In this book this really is offered in one particular …

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