The Pauselock

Pauselock is a method practitioners of specialized kinesiology use in many instances in their practize. Pauselock also goes by the names of retentionmode and stacking. Surrogate testing - in my opinion - is a speciale type of pauselock.




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Stacking equals the adding up of packages of energy intensity as the practitioner adds more and more information into the energy field.

Retaining mode

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Retaining is defined as "to keep in mind or memory". In kinesiology it is the ability to retain energy packages as they are added with the energy fixation procedure.

Surrogate testing

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Surrogate testing is a technique practitioner uses to test in instances where it is unaccaptable or not possible to muscle test directly. The indirect method is made possible by putting this energy in "pause lock" so the other system can take over the retained energy field.



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